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Here's a little bit of history behind me and my experience, as well the vision moving forward as the owner of Solutions In Metal.

Starting in late 2008, I moved to Orlando Florida for a couple of years to attend Motorcycle Mechanics Institute with the desire to begin my career as a motorcycle technician.   I graduated in 2010 as an entry level American Motorcycle technician.  Since that day of graduation, I've worked in multiple motorcycle shops as a service technician.  Over the years I gained more and more knowledge.

Starting with simple operations such as tires, oil changes and general services, I worked my way up to more technically advanced jobs including engine and  transmission overhauls, high performance engine builds, Dynomometer operations, as well as electrical diagnostics and repair. 


Now, what does this have to do with welding and metal fabrication?  I'm glad you asked.  Over the years I've had an obsession with always modifying my personal motorcycles and things around the house with metal work and fabrication, but didn't have access to a welder, and this it where it started.   I bought my first welding machine in 2011, and haven't looked back since.  

With my experience working as a technician, I've learned to apply the same skills, mindset and drive to constantly learn more and progress daily as a welder and fabricator.  I refer to it as the "technician approach".  The desire to acknowledge the problem, verify the cause, and create the Solution.  My goal with this business is to apply the same dedication to precision, consistency, and safety as I did repairing motorcycles and keeping people safe.  

The vision with Solutions In Metal is simple.  To humbly provide a quality welding and metal fabrication service to my community and surrounding areas.  If it is a job that either I or my equipment can't do, I'm not ashamed to pass the work on to someone else.  

I sincerely hope to continue to have the opportunity to provide a quality service to all my customers.

-Alex Ayers

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